Talks and conferences

Research talks

  • Combinatorial constructions for generation of derived categories at UGA Algebraic Geometry seminar, October 16, 2019, University of Georgia, GA
  • Poster Fullness on Grassmannians via Combinatorial Constructions presented at:
    • Workshop on Derived Categories, Moduli Spaces and Deformation Theory, June 24—28, 2019, Cetraro (Italy)
    • Interaction between Algebraic Geometry and QFT, June 24—28, 2019, MIPT (Russia)
    • Derived Categories and Geometry in Positive Characteristic, June 30—July 6, 2019, Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center in Warsaw (Poland)
  • Combinatorial constructions of derived autoequivalences of grassmannians at Noncommutative deformations and moduli spaces, November 19—23, 2018, Kavli IPMU

Some other talks

At seminars in and around MIT:

  • Existence of moduli spaces for algebraic stacks at preprint seminar, November 1, 2019. You can see notes here.
  • Derived categories of Grassmannians and modular representation theory (following paper by Efimov) at preprint seminar, May 17, 2019<
  • Understanding 2x2 matrix multiplication at graduate student seminar "Pumagrass", April 26, 2019
  • General introduction to K3 surfaces at graduate seminar on moduli of sheaves on K3 surfaces, April 1, 2016
  • Exceptional collections in the derived categories of algebraic varieties at graduate student seminar "Pumagrass", November 20, 2015

At seminars in HSE, Moscow:

  • Homotopy Theory of DG Categories at seminar “Basic Homotopical Algebra”, June 2015
  • Simplicial Presheaves as Stacks at informal seminar “Derived Algebraic Geometry”, January 2015 – Grothendieck topologies at seminar "Homotopies of Schemes", October 2014
  • Brown Representability Theorem at informal student seminar, February 2014
  • S−Λ Duality at seminar “Geometric Structures on Manifolds”, November 2013