About me


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My name is Svetlana Makarova. I got my PhD from MIT under supervision of Davesh Maulik. Next year (2020-21), I will be a postdoc in UPenn, working in the group with Tony Pantev and Ron Donagi.

You can download my CV here.

My research concerns application of homological algebra to algebraic geometry. At the moment, I am thinking about:

  1. Strange Duality on elliptic and K3 surfaces, which uses birational isomorphisms of their moduli spaces of stable sheaves that are given by certain Fourier-Mukai functors;
  2. combinatorial generation of derived categories of GIT quotients, in particular for moduli spaces of stable representations of quivers.

In addition, I like learning the general theory of DG and triangulated categories and moduli spaces. My general taste in mathematics is to see abstract ideas that underlie calculations and phenomena.

If you want to contact me, you can use my email murmuno (at) yandex (dot) ru.

Photos courtesy of Lindsey Williams (upper) and Olivia Brode-Roger (lower).